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WilliamsFord Proudly Announces that Peter A. Pentony is Now a Partner with the Firm.
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How We Help You: Navigate. Negotiate. Litigate.

For more than 25 years, the WilliamsFord Team has exclusively represented personal injury plaintiffs throughout Virginia from our offices in Loudoun County and Winchester.

We work closely with you and provide the legal guidance and gentle support needed to navigate your personal injury case. At the same time, we go to the mat on your behalf during settlement and litigation. Our goal is to get each and every client exactly what they deserve and we will do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal.

We are Committed to Our Role as your “Esquire”

Have you ever wondered why the term “Esquire” is used to describe an attorney? Esquire was the term used for the shield bearers of the Middle Ages. This person’s role was to ensure that knights were defended from surprise enemy attacks.

It makes sense that today’s personal injury attorneys would also bear the Esquire name!

We take pride in our role of shield bearers, standing between our injured clients and the profit-hungry insurance companies. We put people before profits

We’ve Been Down this Road Before…

… And we know what to expect from insurance companies.

Suffering from a serious injury leaves you feeling traumatized and disoriented. Insurance adjusters take advantage of this, moving swiftly to befriend you, and then quickly try to settle the case. In nearly every situation, settlements offered to victims are inadequately low and downright insulting.

Chances are, in the days and weeks following an injury, you and your doctors have only a vague idea of the long-term ramifications of your injury and what care you may need in the future. And if you lost a loved one, your unbearable grief prevents you from determining what your loss means both emotionally and financially.

Your settlement must consider your physical injury both past and future, medical bills, lost wages and lessening of earning potential, mental anguish, inconvenience, scarring, embarrassment, humiliation and chronic pain. You deserve compensation for any and all of these damages, if they apply in your case.

The Insurance Company’s Strategy: DENY, DELAY, AND DO NOT PAY!

There is no such thing as a routine claim with an insurance company. You can expect many unreturned calls from adjusters, reams of paperwork, and ongoing frustration. It’s hard to juggle all of this while you try to recover from injuries or loss!

When it comes to calculating damages, an insurance company’s only goal is to pay as little as possible and minimize their future obligations. This means any serious claim for injuries is challenged, denied, or bitterly contested, no matter how obvious and legitimate your claim might be.

This is what leads so many cases to litigation. Adjusters know most people want only their medical expenses covered and to be through with the ordeal. By employing a passive-aggressive motto of “deny, delay and do not pay”, insurance adjusters make use of the one critical advantage they have over the injured – time.

WilliamsFord understands the best way to represent injured clients is to do so comprehensively. Clients are affected physically, emotionally, and financially and understanding this is essential to successful representation. Paired with more than 25 years of claims experience, the team at WilliamsFord ensures clients attain a fair and reasonable resolution of their case.

Leave the Hard Work to Us

We understand how difficult it can be to recover from a serious injury or know what to do after the unexpected loss of a loved one. For years, we have fought the difficult legal battles for our clients so they can focus on their emotional and physical healing and leave the legal strategy to us.

Throughout the course of her career, founding partner Barbara S. Williams has established herself as a widely respected personal injury attorney in Virginia. She is a past President of the Virginia Trial Lawyers, a position that is a very high honor. She is admired and recognized in the legal community for her expertise (in and outside the courtroom) and many of her cases are referred by attorneys that do not specialize in personal injury law.

Barbara has built a tremendous team at WilliamsFord. The whole team cares about you and your family, and they work together as a team to help you. WilliamsFord may be a small firm, but their power comes from experience and the way the team is able to communicate to an insurance company or to the jury what the impact of an injury is to the individual client. You are not a claim number at WilliamsFord like you are to an insurance company.

The team at WilliamsFord explains your case in a calm, caring and compassionate manner in easy to understand language. They include you in their legal strategy for your case and handle everything in an honest, straightforward manner. WilliamsFord will work as a team to ensure your rights are protected to the highest extent under the law.

Here is what the team wants you to know:

“We enjoy our work because we know that through representing many injured people over the years, we can not only get the maximum recovery for our client but hopefully make the world a safer place in which to live. Many of our clients tell us that the reason they contacted an attorney is because they don’t want anyone else to experience what they have experienced. What happened to them should not happen to other people. We don’t want you to become our client!! We want everyone to drive safely, act reasonably, and be on the lookout to avoid injuries or death at all costs.”

Please note that case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Past successful case results do not guarantee or predict future results.

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