Car Accidents

Our client was traveling in Charlotteville, VA on a beautiful sunny day when a car came crashing into the passenger side of her vehicle, causing her to run off the road and strike a fence post. The fence post went through her windshield and impaled the left side of her face.  After requiring multiple plastic […]

A reckless driver who was fleeing from police in Front Royal, VA, crashed into the car carrying our two clients. After being struck from behind at 95 mph, both clients suffered concussions and other injuries. WilliamsFord attorney Peter Pentony was able to settle both claims for over $185,000 without need for litigation.

Our Client was on his way to Dulles Airport to park his motorcycle in the parking garage when he was struck by a vehicle driving at a fast rate of speed. The collision caused our client to be thrown from his motorcycle and remain unconscious until he woke up in the hospital. He had suffered […]

While driving home to Virginia through Frederick County, Maryland, on Route 15, our client was abruptly hit from behind pushing her into the car in front, causing wrist injuries and a concussion.  WilliamsFord attorney Peter Pentony and co-counsel Arthur Crum of Frederick, Maryland, were able to negotiate settlement for their client for $225,650.00.

The plaintiff was driving in the Hillsboro area of Route 9 accompanied by her elderly aunt and fiancé when a car coming from oncoming traffic crossed over the double line and struck the driver’s side of her vehicle with such force, the airbags were deployed. The crash resulted in multiple injuries to the plaintiff including […]

Two friends were stopped on I-81 northbound near Woodstock, Virginia, when they were suddenly stuck from behind by a large tractor trailer. The tractor trailer hit them with enough speed to cause a four-car pileup along both lanes of the highway. Both were transported by ambulance to the hospital to evaluate and treat their injuries. […]

Plaintiff and his young daughter were traveling in the left southbound on I-81 at approximately 7am one May morning. A tractor trailer who was traveling southbound in the right lane was not paying attention and merged into the left lane causing plaintiff to run off the road and hitting a guardrail. Upon impact, Plaintiffs’ vehicle […]

Plaintiff was traveling southbound on Gum Springs Road in Loudoun County, Virginia. He pulled into the left turn lane preparing to turn onto Braddock Road. When his traffic light displayed a left green arrow, he proceeded to turn. The defendant was traveling northbound on Gum Spring Road. He failed to stop at a red light […]

Want to learn “Success Strategies” used to get a $3.5 Million verdict during the Pandemic? COVID-19 requires dramatically different courtroom strategies for trial lawyers, and this 10-part video series gives you a sneak peek into winning tactics and lessons learned during a 3-day jury trial. Listen and learn how our car accident lawyer, Peter Pentony, […]

Our client is a commercial airline pilot and physically active husband and father. On March 16, he was stopped at a red light while driving home from bowling with friends when the defendant rear-ended him at high speed. Defendant was driving a truck owned by his employer. The force of the impact caused the truck […]

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