Medical Malpractice

Our client was a patient in an outpatient mental health rehabilitation program. While at the facility, she got into an argument with two other program participants. A male employee intervened in an effort to de-escalate the argument. When the client ignored the employee’s warnings to stop the argument, the employee attempted to place the client […]

Cory and Pete obtained a $1.2 Million Dollar recovery from medical malpractice jury verdict in Prince William County in Manassas, Virginia. The client is a Loudoun County Sheriff’s Deputy who was injured in a car accident and suffered injuries to his right ankle. He was treated by Dr. Cyrus Press of Center for Advanced Orthopaedics […]

Awarded: $3,000,000 Dr. Katherine Averill (an OB/GYN) performed a laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy (“LAVH”) on our client, Shannon, who was then 39 years old. The surgery was recommended because our client had suffered from menorrhagia, or heavy menstrual cycles. At the time of the surgery, Shannon was earning approximately $45,000 per year as a technical assistant […]

Jury Award: $922,854.56 This Page County, Virginia case involved an osteopathic surgeon that operated on a man and caused him to lose most of the use of his right arm, impacting on his ability to work and to hunt. Dr. Dwight Kemp performed a total shoulder replacement surgery on our client, then 52 years old. Our […]


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