You may think that car accident lawyers would be happy that there were more car crashes reported in America. But you would be wrong.  Last year, we were shocked at the uptick of road deaths during the pandemic.  But new statistics from federal transportation officials reveal that the death rate jumped 10% compared with the […]

On Monday, April 11, 2022, Governor Youngkin signed into law Senator Mark Obenshain’s SB 754-UIM.  The language of the bill and the full legislative story is here: Senator Obenshain’s bill allows consumers to finally get what they paid for—full coverage under their underinsured motorist coverage portion of their auto insurance policies. Why is this […]

Surprise Medical Bills

Medical Bills

We all love surprises. Until it comes time to opening medical bills. A new federal law prevents consumers from “surprise bills” after a procedure from an out-of-network provider or from an unexpected visit to an emergency room.  Details about the bill can be found at Before the law was enacted and came into effect […]

At WilliamsFord, we’ve long recognized that women seem to be disproportionately injured in car crashes. Statistically, 56% of our open car crash cases involve injured females. Anecdotally, it seems like we see more women suffer from long-lasting effects of concussions.  In many of our car accident cases, the husband is barely injured, while the wife […]

3 Summer Driving Tips: Get Road-Ready…

Summer is here and pandemic restrictions have been lifted, so many of us are excited to hit the road for vacations. Be sure you and your family are safe! With more traffic than ever, the chances of you getting caught in a traffic jam, having a mechanical breakdown, or being involved in a car accident […]

Put down the phone! The Virginia Legislature passed a new law to help combat distracted driving, and the law went into effect January 1, 2021. You may no longer read or send text messages, read emails, or even talk on a phone held in your hand while driving. If you are seen driving with a […]

Our founding member, Barbara S. Williams, was selected by the Virginia Law Foundation to be a Virginia Law Fellow.  Ms. Williams will be inducted into the Class of 2020 Virginia Law Fellows on January 23, 2020, at a dinner during the annual meeting of the Virginia Bar Association in Williamsburg, VA.  The Virginia Law Foundation […]

Honoring women of law for their dedication to helping others and their commitment to excellence. Virginia Lawyers Media, the publisher of Virginia Lawyers Weekly, has announced the inaugural class of “Influential Women of Law.” This new awards program honors women attorneys and judges for their excellent work on behalf of their clients, their commitment to […]

Lawsuit against Winchester Medical Center

Read this recent article in the Winchester Star about Cory Ford’s client who was treated at the Winchester Medical Center’s Stroke Center:

End Distracted Driving

Did you know that you are 23 times as likely to be involved in a crash if you are texting on your cell phone while driving? And that talking on a cell phone while driving creates risks similar to driving with a .08 blood alcohol level? You are 4X as likely to be involved in […]


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