Premises Liability

Our client’s landlord failed to clear icy steps and failed to replace a defective light, causing our client to slip down steep, icy stairs in the dark. She suffered a concussion in the fall. Winchester premises liability lawyer Cory Ford of WilliamsFord was able to overcome a contributory negligence defense, dig up evidence that the […]

Our client was a customer at an Ashburn, Virginia, restaurant when she fell on a poorly marked single step that separated the restaurant’s foyer from its seating area. She suffered fractured wrist and a fractured hip. Virginia trip-and-fall attorney Peter Pentony of WilliamsFord was able to reach a confidential settlement for his client. The team […]

Our client was walking through a commercial parking lot in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, when she slipped on a spot of ice and fell, breaking her wrist. Through the course of litigation, Attorney Peter Pentony of WilliamsFord discovered that the spot where the ice had formed was known by employees to be a bad spot that […]

Our client was a customer of the Leesburg, Virginia, Red Hot & Blue restaurant. As she was leaving the restaurant, she tripped over a rolled-up rug improperly stored underneath a table. She fell forward and struck her face on a table, breaking her nose. Attorney Peter Pentony of WilliamsFord was able to reach a Virginia […]

Our client was attending a youth baseball practice in Winchester, Virginia. She was near the batting cage, which was poorly maintained and had holes in the netting. A ball escaped through one of the holes in the netting and struck her violently in the face. Winchester, Virginia premises liability lawyer Peter Pentony was able to […]

Plaintiff was present on hunting land doing maintenance to the grounds and property for the Defendant. Plaintiff was about 25 feet above the ground in a tree stand that needed some branches removed from the platform. The ladder up to the tree stand was homemade and was unable to withstand the climb our client needed […]

Client, a 60-year-old licensed plumber, arrived at defendant’s farm to estimate the cost of installing water lines for cattle. When he arrived, the farmer was extracting a dead calf from a first-calf heifer with a rope attached to a farm truck. Defendant asked the plumber and his co-worker to assist him, which they did. After […]

Settlement: $120,000 Client was walking on a sidewalk when she slipped and fell on a patch of ice that had accumulated in front of the apartment complex in which she lived. The ice was covered by a light dusting of snow on top of the ice.  The fall happened in Fairfax County, Virginia. The client […]


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