$267,500 Settlement for Hit and Run Tractor Trailer Victim

Plaintiff and his young daughter were traveling in the left southbound on I-81 at approximately 7am one May morning. A tractor trailer who was traveling southbound in the right lane was not paying attention and merged into the left lane causing plaintiff to run off the road and hitting a guardrail. Upon impact, Plaintiffs’ vehicle rolled onto its roof. The tractor trailer driver, despite knowing the crash he had just caused proceeded down the highway without stopping. The crash was recorded on the dashcam of a Good Samaritan which allowed for the transportation company to be identified. Plaintiffs’ daughter suffered traumatic injuries to her right eye due to the collision that has permanently impacted her current and future vision in that eye and resulted in $5,354.36 worth of medical bills. Attorney Cory Ford of WilliamsFord was able to reach a settlement of $267,500.00 during mediation of the case.


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