$630,000 Shenandoah County Jury Verdict Leads to 2 Settlements

Two friends were stopped on I-81 northbound near Woodstock, Virginia, when they were suddenly stuck from behind by a large tractor trailer. The tractor trailer hit them with enough speed to cause a four-car pileup along both lanes of the highway. Both were transported by ambulance to the hospital to evaluate and treat their injuries.

Plaintiff 1 suffered injuries causing lower back pain, neck pain and debilitating migraines which in turn left her with over $25,000 in medical bills. Plaintiff 2 suffered injuries causing neck, back, knee and shoulder pain which left him with over $12,000 in medical bills. Complicating matters, the tractor trailer’s insurance company filed for bankruptcy while the case was pending.

Attorney Cory Ford of WilliamsFord took Plaintiff 1’s case to trial in May 2022 and received a verdict of $630,000.  On the basis of that, Cory was able to achieve fair settlements for both Plaintiff 1 and Plaintiff 2.


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