Car Accidents

Trooper P.C. Gardner is the fourth Virginia trooper to be struck by a passing vehicle in only six weeks. Virginia’s General Assembly, recognizing the dire need to protect troopers from the danger of inattentive drivers, has passed an amended version of Virginia’s “move-over” law. The law requires that motorists who are able to move into […]

Dr. Mannering’s study of accidents in Washington State from 1992 to 1997, a period during which air bags and antilock brakes became prevalent, showed that counter to what would seem logical, there was no major reduction in accidents even with the spread of two seemingly effective safety features. “It just shows how hard it is […]

The government on Wednesday signed an agreement with China that will improve information sharing on auto safety following last summer’s recall of thousands of defective Chinese-made tires. The “memorandum of understanding” signed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and China’s National Reform and Development Commission will “strengthen cooperation and communication” on several motor vehicle […]

This 2007 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows the number of car crash fatalities related to drivers impaird by alcohol during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Download PDF

There are a variety of causes for motor vehicle accidents in the United States, and topping the list are distracted drivers and driving while intoxicated. Youth, inexperience, excessive speed, and fatigue also contribute to accidents. Many of these accidents are preventable, and there are steps you can take to keep you and your family safe. […]

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