Wrist Injury from Motorcycle With Car Accident in Loudoun County VA

Settlement: $240,000


Our client was driving his motorcycle through a parking lot in Leesburg, Virginia in order to return to work. The defendant was backing out of a parking space while talking on her cell phone. The defendant’s car struck the client’s knee and he had to jump off his motorcycle to avoid being run over and maybe killed by the defendant’s car. The client’s wrist hit the pavement hard.


The client was seen by his family doctor a few days after the car accident due to increased left wrist pain. He was seen the same day for an orthopedic consultation. The client was placed in a wrist splint for the next month. After trying conservative treatment and experiencing no relief for the next year and a half, the client returned to his orthopedic physician. He was referred to a hand specialist after an MRI showed a left wrist chronic triangular fibrocartilage complex tear. He underwent a left wrist arthroscopy and ulnar shortening. A permanency rating done revealed a 9% upper extremity impairment on the left side. The client was employed as a car mechanic and WilliamsFord emphasized the difficulty he had as a mechanic due to his permanent injury which limited his motion in the wrist area.

His past medical bills totaled $21,238.59 and future estimated medical bills totaled $12,084.57. His case settled for $240,000.

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