$600,000 Verdict for Motor Vehicle Crash causing Spinal Injuries

Plaintiff was traveling southbound on Gum Springs Road in Loudoun County, Virginia. He pulled into the left turn lane preparing to turn onto Braddock Road. When his traffic light displayed a left green arrow, he proceeded to turn. The defendant was traveling northbound on Gum Spring Road. He failed to stop at a red light and slammed into the passenger side of the plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff suffered a cervical fracture with other serious injuries which warranted a 12- day hospital stay and 3 surgeries after the crash. $258,849.10 worth of medical bills and $96,200 in lost wages were accrued. Attorneys Cory Ford and Peter Pentony of WilliamsFord took the case to trial in 2019 and received a verdict of $600,000.


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