WilliamsFord Personal Injury Law:  Route 7 car accident lawyers

Route 7 runs from Winchester, through Berryville and Purcellville, around Leesburg, and into Fairfax, Reston, and Tysons Corner.  The portions in Frederick and Clarke counties have a high number of driveway, shopping center, and secondary road at-grade intersections, creating a risky environment when cars are pulling onto and off of the highway. In western Loudoun County, the speed limit is 55, but many cars travel much faster than that. East of Leesburg and into Fairfax County, the removal of stoplights has eliminated some of the danger of rear-end crashes, but the higher speeds and merge lanes have led to an increase in lane-change collisions. At WilliamsFord, we are experienced car accident lawyers with a proven history of results in Route 7 crashes.  Recently, Peter Pentony reached a favorable settlement for a client who was struck from behind while attempting to exit Route 7 at the Crosstrail Boulevard exit, Cory Ford negotiated a favorable settlement for a motorcycle operator who was struck when a careless driver in Frederick County pulled onto Route 7 right in front of her, and Peter Pentony handled a trial in Clarke County for a man who was injured when struck by a truck traveling well in excess of the speed limit near Berryville.  If you’ve been hurt in a crash on Route 7, contact WilliamsFord Leesburg and Winchester car accident lawyers today.


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