WilliamsFord Personal Injury Law: Route 15 car crash lawyers

Route 15 stretches from Harrisburg, PA, all the way south through Frederick, Maryland, then into Virginia, where it goes through Lucketts, Leesburg, and extends through Haymarket to Warrenton. Some portions of Route 15 are four lane divided highway, attracting tractor trailers and drivers in a hurry. Other portions are two lanes, where careful attention to traffic conditions is necessary to avoid rear-end crashes. At WilliamsFord, we are experienced car accident lawyers with a proven history of results in Route 15 crashes.  In 2020, Cory Ford negotiated a favorable settlement for a client who was rear-ended by a distracted driver towing a horse trailer; she apparently was more worried about her horses than she was about safe driving. Peter Pentony recently favorably settled a case in Frederick County, Maryland, on behalf of an innocent driver who was rear-ended on Route 15 during a traffic back-up. If you’ve been hurt in an accident on Route 15, contact WilliamsFord Virginia accident lawyers today.


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