Barbara S. Williams Organizes Brain Injury Services Dulles Greenway Charity Event

We held our Greenway Charity Event “Open House” Yesterday. As many of you know, we are trying to position BIS to become a major recipient of funds from this annual event. The Greenway Manager actually spent quite a bit of time at the Loudoun Office with us so we have “high hopes” for our chances to be part of this. They have already donated “passes” in the amount of $2,000 to cover our case managers expenses going out there. Our case manager, Chris Swenson is responsible for getting the ball rolling on this. Barbara donated her car to drive up and down the greenway with our logo and wearing “brain helmets”. She set up the open house and donated all the food as well as spent countless hours organizing all of this. SHE IS AMAZING!!! Please look at the attached picture of Chris and Barbara coming back from the Greenway to the Loudoun Office. Karen W. Brown Executive Director Brain Injury Services, Inc. 8136 Old Keene Mill Road, B-102 Springfield, Virginia 22152

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