Rear-End Car Crash With TBI in Loudoun County. Settlement: $55,000

Awarded: $55,000.00

On the evening of June 27, 2009 the plaintiff was traveling eastbound on Harry Byrd Highway in Loudoun County, Virginia. He was stopped at a traffic light when the defendant struck the back of his vehicle at a high rate of speed, pushing him into the vehicle in front of him. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

The plaintiff was diagnosed with a closed head injury in the emergency room the day of the crash. He suffered with neck pain, memory problems, severe headaches, dizziness and depression. He treated with a neurologist and physical therapist. His medical bills totaled $12,482.97. His case settled for $55,000.00.

Type of action: Motor vehicle crash
Injuries alleged: Brain injury, neck pain, headaches and depression.
Name of case: Confidential
Special damages: $12,482.97 in medical bills
Verdict/settlement: Settlement
Amount: $55,000.00
Plaintiff’s attorneys: Barbara S. Williams and Cory R. Ford, Leesburg
Venue: Loudoun County Circuit Court
Awarded: $55,000.00

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