Car Flips after T-Bone Collision in Ashburn. Arbitration: $75,000

Awarded: $75,000

On May 16, 2008 the defendant was in a residential neighborhood, traveling west on Fitzgerald Drive. The defendant ran the stop sign at the intersection of Hemingway and Fitzgerald and crashed into the side of the plaintiff’s vehicle as she was traveling north on Hemingway Drive. The force of the impact was so strong that the plaintiff’s vehicle flipped over twice and landed upside down. A police officer arrived at the scene of the accident and charged the defendant with failure to stop.

The defendant accepted liability but contested the extent of the plaintiff’s damages.

The plaintiff sustained the following injuries: abrasions on her head, concussion, headaches, neck pain, and difficulty concentrating. She treated with a neurologist, a physical therapist and a chiropractor. Her medical bills totaled $14,544.25. The case was arbitrated with a high/low agreement. The amount awarded to the plaintiff was $75,000.

Type of action: Car Crash
Injuries alleged: Post concussion syndrome, headaches, spasm of the trapezius muscles, C6-7 disc herniation
Name of case: Confidential
Special damages: $14,544.25 in medical bills
Verdict/settlement: Arbitration
Amount: $75,000.00
Insurance Carrier: State Farm
Plaintiff expert: Jon Peters, M.D.
Plaintiff attorneys: Barbara S. Williams, Leesburg
Venue: Loudoun County
Arbitrator: Tom Curcio, Esq.

Awarded: $75,000

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