Car Accidents

Awarded: $350,000 Plaintiff was a 29 year old passenger in a car traveling south on Evergreen Mill Road near the intersection of Tolbert Lane in Loudoun County, Virginia. The defendant, a delivery truck driver, was on a side street in his delivery truck waiting to cross Evergreen Mill Road. As the plaintiff’s friend pulled into […]

Settlement: $300,000 Have you ever seen a load of huge logs just cut from a forest piled onto the bed of a tractor trailer? What would you think if those logs started rolling off right towards your car! That is what happened to our client.  She was stopped at a traffic light in the far left […]

Settlement: $700,000 This tractor-trailer accident happened on Route 29 in Centreville, Virginia. At approximately 5:45 a.m., before the sun rose, the defendant tractor-trailer driver made a left turn onto Route 29, blocking the road.  Our client was driving south on Route 29 at the time with his headlights on. Police photographs showed that the trailer was […]


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