Car Accidents

Awarded: $300,000 On September 9, 2006 the plaintiff was traveling on his motorcycle to his beach house on Chincoteague Island. The defendant was backing out of his driveway on Ridge Road. Although he saw the motorcycle he accelerated onto the roadway into the path of the plaintiff, striking his motorcycle. The plaintiff’s right leg was […]

Awarded: $75,000 On May 16, 2008 the defendant was in a residential neighborhood, traveling west on Fitzgerald Drive. The defendant ran the stop sign at the intersection of Hemingway and Fitzgerald and crashed into the side of the plaintiff’s vehicle as she was traveling north on Hemingway Drive. The force of the impact was so […]

Awarded: $350,000 Plaintiff was a 29 year old passenger in a car traveling south on Evergreen Mill Road near the intersection of Tolbert Lane in Loudoun County, Virginia. The defendant, a delivery truck driver, was on a side street in his delivery truck waiting to cross Evergreen Mill Road. As the plaintiff’s friend pulled into […]

Settlement: $300,000 Have you ever seen a load of huge logs just cut from a forest piled onto the bed of a tractor trailer? What would you think if those logs started rolling off right towards your car! That is what happened to our client.  She was stopped at a traffic light in the far left […]

Settlement: $700,000 This tractor-trailer accident happened on Route 29 in Centreville, Virginia. At approximately 5:45 a.m., before the sun rose, the defendant tractor-trailer driver made a left turn onto Route 29, blocking the road.  Our client was driving south on Route 29 at the time with his headlights on. Police photographs showed that the trailer was […]


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