Actual Case Results

Please note that case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Past successful case results do not guarantee or predict future results.

An elderly lady was rear-ended in Leesburg, Virginia, by a reckless driver who had stopped paying attention to the road in order to pick up food from the floorboard of his car. The crash caused a concussion to WilliamsFord’s client. Leesburg car accident lawyer Peter Pentony was able to hold the careless driver responsible, obtaining […]

On a rainy afternoon on Route 7 outside Leesburg, Virginia, a young driver was going too fast for the wet road conditions and lost control of her car, slamming into our client head-on and causing a spinal injury. Leesburg car accident lawyer Peter Pentony obtained a $300,000 settlement for our client. The team at WilliamsFord […]

On a dark, rainy morning in Fauquier County, Virginia, our client noticed a large tree limb blocking the road. He did not want anyone to be hurt by the obstruction. When he stopped to move it, an inattentive driver crashed into him, sending him flying through the air and breaking his leg. Liability was contested, […]

Our client’s husband was a Stephens City resident who was driving straight through a green light on Route 522 near Front Royal, Virginia, when an impatient driver ran the red light at high speed, causing a devastating crash that killed our client’s husband and his passenger. Liability was highly contested, but Front Royal car accident […]

Two West Virginia teachers were driving to school together on Route 9 outside Martinsburg, West Virginia, when an impatient driver tried to turn left in front of them, causing a crash. WilliamsFord’s client suffered a major wrist fracture in the accident. West Virginia car accident attorney Peter Pentony was able to achieve a settlement of […]

Our clients were husband and wife who were driving to their home in Sterling, Virginia, when their car was struck by a drunk driver. Sterling car accident lawyer Peter Pentony of WilliamsFord investigated the driver and found another driving under the influence charge in another state. On the basis of this, he was able to […]

While driving home from work on Route 28 in Chantilly, Virginia, our client was rear-ended at high speed by an inattentive driver. The crash caused a severe laceration of our client’s scalp. Chantilly, Virginia car accident lawyer Peter Pentony of WilliamsFord was able to reach a Virginia car accident settlement of $125,500 for his client. […]

Our client was riding his motorcycle near Winchester, Virginia, when an impatient driver turned left into him, causing a massive leg injury. Winchester motorcycle accident lawyer Cory Ford of WilliamsFord was able to settle the case for $625,000, the maximum amount of all available insurance. The team at WilliamsFord has the knowledge, skills, experience, and […]

Our client was walking through a Warrenton parking lot when an inattentive driver struck him, throwing him into the air. He suffered a significant wrist fracture and a head injury that required 3 staples to close. His injuries severely limited him in his daily activities. Warrenton car accident attorney Peter Pentony of WilliamsFord was able […]

Our client’s wife, who used a wheelchair, was not properly monitored by a medical facility. As a result, her wheelchair rolled to the top of a set of stairs and tipped, causing her to fall down the stairs and suffer a brain injury, leading to her death. Culpeper personal injury lawyer Cory Ford creatively combined […]


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