Brain Injury Services

Brain Injury Services (BIS) is a great organization that offers guidance and support for people in the Commonwealth of Virginia who have survived a traumatic brain injury. BIS offers many programs and services not only to survivors of brain injuries, but to their families as well. Barbara Williams has been a strong supporter of BIS […]

Most of us have been involved in a minor fender bender at some point in our lives. We pull over, exchange information with the other party and go about our business. No police, no injury and minimal property damage, if any. Unfortunately, in some of these minor crashes there are soft tissue injuries such as […]

Not long ago, I was driving on I-95, heading northbound. I was on my way home after a trip to Florida. As I drove along in the right lane, an 18 wheeler drove up beside me on the left and came over in my lane, driving me off the road and onto the shoulder of […]

Barbara Williams is featured on the cover of the April edition of Virginia Lawyer Magazine. Read the article written by Deirdre Norman on page 12 via the link below and find out about Barbara’s passion for farming and riding horses. CLICK HERE TO READ NOW

Tips for Keeping Teen Drivers Safe


There are many milestones that our children will reach, from their toddler years all the way through their teenage years. Many of those milestones make us proud while others scare us to death. One of the more difficult challenges we face as parents is the moment our teen turns 16 years old and asks for […]

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions. Concussions occur more often than we hear about in the world of professional sports. But they also occur in youth sports. What kind of laws, if any, are in place to protect your children if they suffer a brain injury while […]

Being involved in a car crash can be very stressful. Not only are you coping with physical and emotional pain, but you must also deal with medical bills. If you go to the emergency room after the crash, you will likely receive several bills for that one emergency room visit. You will get a bill […]

The 57th Annual Convention of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association takes place on March 31 – April 3 at The Homestead. Our very own Cory Ford will be speaking on Friday, April 1 at 8:30 a.m. on Cracking the Code of the Worker’s Comp Bar. Register now! It’s a great learning experience, lots of fun […]

Driving on Icy Roads

Driving on icy roads can be scary and extremely dangerous. You may think that you have your vehicle under control but if you hit ice you can lose control in an instant and cause an accident, injuring yourself and others. If possible, you should avoid driving in extreme weather conditions. If you have to drive […]

Not everyone injured in a car crash needs to hire a lawyer. Not every case requires you to have a lawyer. If you do a little bit of research, you might decide that you can handle your case on your own.  Being in a car crash is stressful and can leave you feeling confused and […]


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